103.3 The FIx Artist Of The Week Artist of the Week – D.J. Highlanders

Artist of the Week – D.J. Highlanders

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Check Out the Brand New Single by D.J. Highlanders, “Lori don’t tell” Here!

Finally the first “physical” album by D.J. Highlanders, “THE EMPIRE OF SEOUL”. On digital platforms we find it as Ep which contains the 6 tracks dedicated to the Korean “world”, of which we mention: “Seoul extended version”, the song defined by many experts as the largest underground production of the last 40 years; and “Daesu”, which received many positive reviews for its innovative style and was also renamed as “new musical genre”. In the physical album D.J. Highlanders also adds the songs of his “debut” (from March 2018), including the epic soundtrack of his first book “Celtic the prequel Theme”; “Lory don’t tell”, his first song sung by himself; Moscova, air equated with the works of the great classical musicians of the past; and “Mai Another Mind”, the original version not present in the newly published EP: “Mai Another Mind Remixes”. Special bonus track: “I don’t like malone”, one of the greatest international successes of the artist!

To have the CD autographed, write to :
mailto: celticbookitalia@gmail.com facebook: D.J. Highlanders
twitter: DJHighlanders
instagram: d.j.highlanders

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