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Artist of the Week – Chris Jaiden

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Check Out Chris Jaiden’s New Song, “No Worries”, Right Here!

Chris Jaiden is a one-of-a-kind multi-genre and multi-talent music artist from Los Angeles, California. Having been involved in numerous projects ranging from hip-hop to electronic rock music as singer, songwriter, guitarist, as well as a highly-skilled sound engineer and producer, he is now revealed above all as a true rock performer.

His new album “Welcome to California” is a much needed pure rock album, perfectly capturing his diverse array of skills, seamlessly blending classic rock, 90’s grunge, country, reggae, and modern alternative rock, all wrapped in a superb sounding production.

“No Worries”, the first single from his new album “Welcome to California”, is a burnished musical gem that instantly invigorates you and makes you sing along. This captivating rock song, featuring Jaiden’s soulful vocals and powerful guitar playing, manages to resurrect old-school grunge, adding it a modern twist, spicing it up with some country and alternative rock flavors, and enhancing it with a high-end rich and silky smooth sound.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Chris Jaiden now resides in Los Angeles, California. A blend of East meets West Coast styles, his musical talents range from his roots of rock and roll to hip-hop hooks and rhymes. His keen and perfected engineering and production skills, as well as his naturally gifted songwriting abilities,  are just a few of Chris’s unique performance and recording talents.

A true rock performer, Chris brings back a refreshing feeling of old school to new school kinetic energy to all of his music. His projects include his band Reflektiv to and organically popular electronic solo project called The Flu. When he is not writing music, Chris is busy producing and engineering his own tracks as well as those of other strong, emerging artists.

With a grass-roots beginning of playing live acoustic shows and open-mics, to sold-out shows on the Sunset Strip, Chris brings a unique and seasoned youthful understanding of what it takes to truly make it in the new music industry. His style and lyrics are intense, like him, offering a connection of mind and soul to audiences everywhere.

“I feel like when I perform, I encapsulate and audience with a flow of positive energy and driving, soulful rhythm,” says Chris while picking his acoustic Gibson J-45.

The strong, unearthly soulful vocals of this rising star reach within the spirit of his audience, taking the listener on a journey through timeless, modern classics. Listening to Chris sing live makes you feel like you are back in all of the good part of 1994: at a Nirvana-meets-Soundgarden concert, wearing your favorite flannel.

Chris Jaiden is one rare, powerhouse rock voice that truly needs no microphone to echo melodic, timeless rock resonance throughout the Universe.

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