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Artist of the Week – Harrieta

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Check Out the New Single By Harrieta, “Hologram”!

Harrieta is a German singer-songwriter currently based in the magical northern German port city of Hamburg. She is known for her upbeat pop songs, her deeply personal lyrics, and her electric singles that inspire her listeners to move, dance, and sing along to every word.
No stranger to 1980’s synth sounds and deep drum beats, she morphs this retro dance sound with her unique, delicate, and yet powerful vocals that are layered throughout the mix, with powerful choruses that float on the top to create a rich and diverse soundscape that truly offers every listener a taste of what they love.
Her desire to be different in a saturated music scene comes from years of practice and preparation and has now released her debut single “Hologram”; ready to take on the big stage! Hologram features a more contemporary shift to music making that Harrieta has been pursuing in her more recent work. Today, Harrieta is focused on exploring futuristic concepts, sounds, and structures by blending instruments of the old and sounds of the new. Together with her delicate and contemporary romantic lyrics, Harrieta has created an energized fan base who flock to streaming services to hear her new release with every new song.
For Harrieta, nothing is more important than embracing technology in her craft. As a firm believer in technology and everything that it has to offer both musicians and producers, Harrieta is always poised to find new ways to make new sounds and to incorporate more traditional live instruments into her songwriting whenever she can. Hologram reflects her approach to music making and songwriting seamlessly.
In her mind, writing a song is like creating a beautiful work of art – it takes time, patience, and exploration. But most importantly, it takes layering. Her approach involves complex and intertwined layers of musical composition and vocals to create exciting beats and melodies that resonate with listeners. And last, but certainly not least, Harrieta’s delicate voice, her relatable lyrics, and her sheer honesty is the hook that brings every music lover in.

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