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Artist of the Week – Cartel Madras

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Check Out the New Single from Cartel Madras, “Goonda Gold”, here!

“The word “goonda” means “thug” and is commonly used across India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. I’m not qualified to speak on whether this track is actually “thug,” but it definitely slaps. They’ve got an absolutely wicked flow — think M.I.A. meets Cardi B. Hints of traditional Tamil music are sprinkled throughout.” -Stereogum

Cartel Madras (aka Eboshi and Contra) is sharing the official video for “Goonda Gold” the duo’s new single, directed by Bhaveek Makan and Jashan MakanThe “Goonda Gold” video integrates the Desi influence in the track, compelling visuals, and the fashion of the Goondas. There is tension throughout the video, but at the heart of the song, it is an anthemic party track.  

Eboshi says of the “Goonda Gold” video, “This is a song for the underdog. We are two queer, POC rappers that are actively creating space for ourselves and other artists like us. ‘Goonda Gold’ announces itself and demands your attention. We wanted a video that was true to the nature and the sound of the ‘Goonda.’ We wanted to convey how our audiences feel when they hear this song. ‘Goonda Gold’ captures the danger and excitement of Cartel Madras.” And Contra adds this, “We’ve always imagined the Goonda as someone from different walks of life moving through the world fiercely, readying themselves for a fight. Gold chains on, cut lip; this song is for the baddies.”

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