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Artist of the Week – Maddie Poppe

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The 2018 Winner of American Idol Has A New Song She Wants You To Hear With “Made You Miss”

2018 American Idol Winner Maddie Poppe has just released a brand new single and she is so excited to show it off!

After winning American Idol, Maddie released a few singles in 2018 and more in the year of 2019, including “First Aid Kit” and “Little Things”. Now, she’s ready to take over your ears with her new song, “Made You Miss”!

“Made You Miss” is a fun song about a former lover missing you after giving up on you long ago, but you’re not gonna give them the time of day. “Watch my lips sing/You and me are history,” are lyrics that you can scream out in your car to let that person know that you just don’t care anymore.

Maddie said this on her Facebook page about the song being released:

“It’s finally here! So excited to share with you “Made You Miss”! I’ve been so anxious to release this song and I hope you all enjoy listening as much as I did recording it! Very grateful to have worked with the best of the best on this one. Written by: Johan Carlsson, Ross Golan and Sam Romans & produced by: Johan Carlsson. Can’t believe I get the opportunity to work with people so talented and well-respected in this industry, I can only hope it’s just the beginning!”

Maddie Poppe has a new album coming out May 17th.

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