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Artist of the Week – Pei & The Joynt

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Pei & The Joynt are a hip-hop/pop duo like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Pei Pilgrim and Peter Joynt met for the first time in 2018. They were 13 and 39 years old respectively. They came together after Peter, a local rapper and stutterer, visited Pei’s school in Ottawa Canada to give a motivational speech about anti-bullying, resiliency, and music. Inspired by his presentation, the 13-year old singer and multi-instrumentalist reached out to Peter to get some music advice. It took only a quick sampling of Pei’s work to prompt Peter to suggest they collaborate on a song together. The outcome of that conversation is their first single, “Loving This Feeling”. The song has been garnering much local media and radio attention, and the newly formed duo Pei & The Joynt, have been busy working on new songs ever since. They plan to release their first EP early summer of 2019.


What People are Saying:
“Pilgrim’s part on the song isn’t just 13-year-old good. It’s good good.” – Ottawa Citizen
“Loving This Feeling is an amazing song that a lot of people are calling the song of the summer. It’s Peter Joynt, this 39 year old rapper with this 13 year-old student. This unlikely duo have produced an incredible song together” – Majic 100 FM
“While an unlikely duo, there’s no question the two strike a chord on Loving This Feeling.” – Ottawa Magazine
“When Ottawa rapper Peter Joynt visited Pei Pilgrim’s school, he didn’t just inspire the 13-year-old — he planted the seed for an unlikely collaboration that would spark Ottawa’s song of the summer” – CBC Radio

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