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Artist of the Week – PointDexter

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Check Out The New Single By Pointdexter, Underneath My Skin!

Pointdexter is a group of talented musicians passionate about creating their unique form of Pop/Rock music and using it to convey their inspirational and relatable themes. Their music, which can be defined as “an intellectual Pop-Indie-Rock-Funk-Fusion“, features an excellent combination of tasty guitar licks, inconceivable bass lines, sexy saxophone, funk rock vocals, and dynamic drum playing, resulting in highly enjoyable songs that cradle the eardrums and vibrates the soul.

Pointdexter was formed by frontman Kevin Kinsella while attending college. Together with Jarom Horner, the two have been writing songs managing to fulfill their vision of engaging a mass audience while maintaining their unique style and artistic integrity.

This vision came to life in Pointdexter’s new EP “Forces of Nature”, gathering the fruits of their creative efforts. Dealing with the natural forces of inspiration, determination, love, and self-empowerment, “Forces of Nature” takes the listener to a diverse and exciting musical and emotional journey. “Underneath my Skin” is the first single off the new EP, a captivating and energetic song about the conflict between love and lust.


Make sure you catch our interview with Pointdexter on Thursday, July 11th, at 12 Noon (CST) on 103.3 The Fix!

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