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Artist of the Week – Michelle Martinez

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Michelle Martinez is a 25-year-old Cuban American born and raised in Fort Lauderdale FL. Michelle started singing at an early age, inspiring everyone around her. She graduated from Cypress Bay High School where she was part of the Broward All County Honor Choir and American Musical Theatre (AMT).

Michelle was signed to PMA Records in 2016. She is currently working on the release of her music. She hopes her music will inspire women, who have suffered heartache and loss of self, to persevere. The lyrics she writes are about encouraging growth, strength, heroism, motivation, and self-realization of worth. Her song titles say it all; NOT BROKEN, SOUL DANCING, NEVER AGAIN and YOU ARE MY WINGS. She takes her inspiration from Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Celine Dion, to name a few. “Music has always been my escape. It’s my meditation. It heals me.”

A passionate animal lover, Michelle is that person who will risk her life on a crowded highway to save a helpless animal. Just ask her….she has done it! While music is her life and you’ll always find her singing a tune, her family is equally important to her. She is often found playing video games with her three brothers. And while she will never abandon her Cuban roots, she loves Italian food. “Put a plate of pasta in front of me and I’m a happy girl!”

Michelle speaks about her inspiration behind her song, Soul Dancing, here: “My inspiration for Soul Dancing was what I was going through in life at that moment and technically what we’re always going through in our lives everyday. The spiritual fight within us all. The dark side and the light side. Dancing with both of them and embracing them. Embracing everything you are. Loving everything you’ve been and will become. What you have gone through, the good and the bad. With all that it brings wisdom and creates the person you are today, and with that experience, to be a better you in the future.”

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