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Artist of the Week – The Frost Duo

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Check Out The Brand New Song “Scharlotte” by The Frost Duo!

The Frost Duo is a Pennsylvania group comprised of members Christian Gratz and LeahBeth Evans.

In 2015, Evans had attended a solo jazz/easy listening performance of Christian’s. He invited Evans to sing a few songs.  The owner of the venue requested that the two perform as a duo every Wednesday and Friday for the remainder of the summer. They became The Frost Duo.

Through the past four years, Christian and LeahBeth have been traveling the tri-state and surrounding areas. performing acoustic rock/country/pop numbers in clubs and tickling the keys with jazz/easy listening numbers in some of the most prestigious venues in Manhattan.

In 2017, they began writing music together, and put together their 10 track album, “Spring.”

The album is full production and can best be described as a crossover of rock-Adult contemporary and Country.

Christian Gratz and LeahBeth Evans wrote all the music and lyrics together. Christian played all the guitar, bass and piano/synth tracks.

Christian wrote the music to “Scharlotte”, and played it for Leah who wrote lyrics for the track.

“Scharlotte” is a song about breaking free from negativity. (This could be a domestic abuse relationship, toxic relationships with friends, or even seeing oneself in a more positive light.)

The sounds used in “Scharlotte” were inspired greatly by the sounds of numerous 70s rock bands.

“Scharlotte” will be featured on The Frost Duo’s new album, which will be released this Friday, April 26th.

To learn more about the Frost Duo, visit www.thefrostduo.com

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