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Artist of the Week – Astro Class

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Click Below To Hear Astro Class’s New EP, “Moonwalker”

Astro Class is a five piece alternative rock band based out of Jasper, Indiana formed by Brandon Eckert, PJ Larkin, Nate Priddy, Zeke Sands, and Devin Sorrells.

Most of them went to high school together and bonded over their love of creative music. They would share newfound artists and even dabble in playing music together. As they grew older, they all went on different paths and didn’t see each other very often. When they would reconnect, conversation would always gravitate back toward music. The night would end with “Hey, we should get together and jam sometime”, but their busy lives always got in the way.

However, in September 2017, Devin, Astro Class’s frontman, sent everyone a shared message asking to meet at a local pub, Snaps, to talk about forming a band. They sat on the patio sharing ideas and songs that they liked and wouldn’t mind playing. Originally, they were going to play 90’s-2000’s alternative rock covers; songs that they grew up with and knew their generation could relate to. They picked our set list and rented out the Jasper Outdoor Rec to play for their friends and family. The show went well and they had a lot of fun, but they wanted more out of the experience, so they decided to start writing our own songs.

After spending several months writing and scrapping pieces of songs, they finally felt we were ready for the studio. Zach Gore took them in and recorded our first four song EP. Moonwalker is a short collection of songs that are lyrically written about the insecurities and inhibitions within ourselves; the feeling of being lost in despair and the desire to be so much more than we know we are.

Astro Class can be found on Facebook, BandCamp, Spotify, and SoundCloud.


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