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Artist of the Week – Nalani & Sarina

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Check Out Nalani & Sarina’s New Single “Pretty Lies” Below!

A commentary on the disingenuous and phony behavior so prevalent in today’s society, “Pretty Lies” has been hailed by noted rock critic and SiriusXM host, Dave Marsh, as a “splendid melding of ‘classic’ and contemporary styles.”  In its review of the first single from The Circle, “Young & Inexperienced”, Billboard.com raved, “Like other great songwriters, Nalani & Sarina are channeling the emotions of their era.”

Getting music fans to agree on anything is next to impossible. That’s why the quick rise of sisters Nalani & Sarina — from a small town in west-central New Jersey to national notoriety and recognition — is such an astounding story. These two audacious young artists have developed a distinctive blend of traditionalist soul-rock and modern pop, and their stylistic alchemy is likely to keep their faces in the spotlight for years to come. Legendary music critic and Sirius radio host Dave Marsh recently called their EP, Scattered World, the singing duo’s latest set, “some of the best music being made this year”, and fans, critics and taste-makers have echoed his praise. The pop marketplace can be fickle and fractious, but Nalani & Sarina have all the elements in place for success and stardom.

You might say that Nalani & Sarina were born in stereo: they’re identical mirror twins. Nalani plays her guitar right-handed; Sarina is a lefty. When they’re both singing and strumming, it feels like the song has come to greet the listener with arms wide open. Of course, their good looks wouldn’t matter at all if they couldn’t back it up with musical accomplishments. The sisters have been writing and singing together since they were kids — they’ve had a lifetime to refine the act. Nalani & Sarina play several instruments, including guitar, piano, and ukulele, and their singing voices are simultaneously forthright and alluring. Their smart, kinetic live show has made the sisters favorites on the Northeastern club scene: they’ve graced stages at NYC’s City Winery, Rockwood Music Hall and the Bitter End, Philly’s World Cafe Live and Milkboy, as well as regional music festivals like Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA), Black Potatoe Festival (Clinton, NJ), and they headlined the Wilmington Flower Market Festival (Wilmington, DE) in 2017.

They’ve got the support. Dave Marsh is hardly alone in his admiration for Nalani & Sarina. David Bianculli of NPR’s Fresh Air lauded their charisma, their musicianship, and their songwriting. The Philadelphia Daily News noted the pair’s musical flexibility and predicted great things for the act. And New Jersey’s notoriously discriminating music press has embraced Nalani & Sarina: The Aquarian, Inside Jersey magazine and NJ Stage have all done features on them and the Star-Ledger / NJ.com recently named the sisters one of the top new acts in the state. They’ve earned the enthusiasm of industry insiders as well, with their newest offerings coming out on Kobalt Music’s worldwide digital distribution network in early 2018.  In a pop landscape largely bereft of Asian-American voices, the twin sisters’ perspective is welcome. Their songs are catchy AND meaningful, their look is dazzling, their message is courageous, and the sky is the limit.

Nalani & Sarina will be supporting both album and single with a busy touring schedule throughout the remainder of 2018.  In late summer and throughout the fall, Nalani & Sarina will embark on their first full National Tour.

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