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Artist of the Week – Timebelle

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Check out the brand new single from Timebelle, “Black Sea”!

“Black Sea” is a journey back in childhood, where the artist finds herself in a beautiful memory alongside her father. The soul of the song is somehow grief of the artist for not being able to understand her father until it was too late.

With the power ballad “Apollo” written and produced in Sweden, Timebelle represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine.


The band is named after the famous Swiss landmark “Zytglogge” in Bern. However, Timebelle is also a tribute to a “beautiful time” in Bern, where the band has been originally.


With the help of a distinguished, world-famous producer Soundland, Timebelle released new videos for the songs “Come around”, “Heartache”, “Tócame” and preparing new ones such as “Soon”, “Side love” or “Black Sea”.

Timebelle ́s goal is to keep making music, no matter what. There is no rhythm in life without music.


As a trained musician and dedicated actress, lead singer Miruna Manescu from Romania is expressing her passion for art. She always gets involved in the writing process of their materials, because she says “an artist has to be in a direct connection with what she/he performs. Writing music is not easy, is like going to the therapist where you have to open some of the deepest wounds you have had your entire life. But that is also why music is the best therapy in the world.”


Emanuel Daniel Andriescu plays piano, but he teaches saxophone and clarinet. The internationally active musician has been living in Switzerland for the last thirteen years. He achieves his goals with a lot of charm and dedication. He has a strong will and rarely takes no for an answer.

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