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Artist of the Week – Shane Scheib

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It’s a

Roller Coaster Night!

Check Out These Great Reviews about Shane Scheib and Check Out His New Song, “Roller Coaster Night”

“A huge-sounding combo of electronica and rock, with a catchy twist that combines the energy of indie rock with the grit of alternative music. The song has a really crisp production tone highlighting the natural perks of Shane’s charismatic vocals. I particularly love the blend of electronic elements and rock instruments, with cool synth tones interacting with electric bass lines that add weight, while still cutting through the mix perfectly. This is an uplifting party anthem at its core, with stunning melodic layers and edgy vocal hooks, Shane will capture your imagination and fill your head with tuneful music that will certainly make its way through your favorite heavy rotation playlist.”


-The Band Camp Diaries


The latest from Shane Scheib (rhymes with “vibe”)takes you one on a whimsical journey of good, good times.


“It’s a very modern sounding EDM-tinged pop track, just about perfect for radio, and will also sound great to sing along to at 2 am in a club! It grabs your attention from the start, then Shane delivers a very catchy vocal melody with energy and flair. His voice is strong and distinctive yet wouldn’t sound out of place amongst pop contemporaries like Justin Timberlake or Ed Sheeran. It really bursts into life on the chorus, a pumping beat and Uptown Funk-esque high-end guitars combining with a very memorable title hook.


Overall, this is a very well written, performed and produced pop/dance track from an artist with a very authentic musical background, showing he can compete with the current luminaries of the pop world. It’s a great song for the season and will work both on radio and the dancefloor, the best of both worlds. And who knows, there’s still time for it to go viral this summer.”


-The Faulkner Review

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