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Artist of the Week – Taylor Castro

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Check Out the Hit Song by Taylor Castro, Don’t Know What To Say!

PMA Records has released “PURE” a new album recorded by Taylor Castro, with original songs co-written with Willy Perez-FeriaRudy Pérez and Kyng David encompassing a unified theme of embracing personal strengths while living a life of love. The album features songs included in three separate motion pictures seen on Lifetime & LMN and assorted movie streaming platforms. Taylor is a young talent with a beautifully melodic voice, perfect for the ballads she performs with musical perfection, written for a young audience hungry for new artists with her specific soulful message!

Taylor was embraced by a powerhouse team of music professionals in the development of this album as she worked with the legendary Rudy Pérez and Kyng David (aka Omerit Hield of Baha Men) as they co-wrote four songs including; “Be Strong”, “London Bridge”, “Secret Garden”, and “April Rain”. Mr. Pérez has produced more than 70 albums, and composed over 1,000 songs of which over 300 have been #1 or reached the Top 10 Charts! Also included on Taylor’s team, Willy Perez-Feria, a multi-platinum, award winning music producer and accomplished songwriter whose music has been recorded by top known artists, worldwide, specializing in English and Spanish popular music in a radio-ready repertoire.

This collaboration speaks of the talent Mr. Pérez and Willy Perez-Feria realized in Taylor. The results of their work together are exceptional. With the seasoned experience of Rudy Pérez and the fresh and immense talent of Taylor, and the entire team, the album “Pure” is worth noticing, certainly an album to play for your listeners!

The song “Be Strong” exemplifying Taylor’s guiding principles is featured in the motion picture, “Boyfriend Killer,” seen on Lifetime and LMN. The song “I Got You” was included in the multiple award-winning, motion picture “Girlfriend Killer” also seen on Lifetime & LMN.

The songs “Don’t Know What To Say,” “Ballad Of When We Danced,” and “Heart of Mine” were performed by Taylor while acting in a leading role within the motion picture “Dream Killer,” set to be released first quarter of 2019. Her talent was recognized by Los Angeles Film Awards and Actors Awards as Taylor Castro received Winner of Best Young Actress Award for her role in “Dream Killer” and “Marriage Killer.” Her stage presence is memorable, and yet she maintains a “girl next door” approachability in spite of Taylor’s immense talent portrayed both as an actress and singer. This young artist is one to watch as her star continues to rise!

Taylor is an energetic and constantly striving young woman, passionately pursuing both her music and acting careers while she also attends college.

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