Santa Claus’s Chief Elf Pat Koch To Be on The Kelly Clarkson Show This Friday!

Santa Claus Town officials recently sent their Chief Elf to Los Angeles to have a chat with Kelly Clarkson.

Founder of the Santa Claus Museum and Village, Pat Koch, helps Santa answer thousands of letters from kids around the world every year.

Just last year alone, the group answered around 22,000 letters.

Thousands are sent to the town every year from around the world, including from countries like Belarus, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, and Hong Kong.

Tune in to The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC on Friday, December 13th, and hear Koch talk about Santa’s Elves and Santa Claus, Indiana.

The show airs at 2:00 pm Central Time!

And there’s still time to send Santa a letter!

Kids of any age can send a letter to Santa and receive a personalized reply by Christmas. Send letters to Santa Claus at P.O. Box 1, Santa Claus, IN 47579 by December 20, with a legible return address.

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